Veganize Vegas!

We create delicious plant-based meats. Burgers, Chicken or Pulled-Pork and others – all meats are 100% vegan.

We help vegan-friendly restaurants to offer vegan options on their menu. Our NoButcher meats can be simply substituted for real meat.

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Comfort food - plant-based!


Try our vegan meats and experience the taste and texture of your favorite comfort foods!

About Our Food

The team

We love food and we love animals. We are passionate vegans who want to show you that plant-based meats can be delicious and satisfying – without animal cruelty.

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Our vegan meat

100% plant-based
No cholesterol
No hormones
No preservatives
No artificial flavors
Not highly processed
Lower in fat

Our signature meats

some of it...
tender inside & crispy outside

No Chicken Steak

Create your favorite chicken sandwich or slice it for on top of your salad. [shop]

bbq style

No Burger - It's famous!

It tastes like fresh off the grill. Stack it with what you like. Be prepared – you’ll think that you’re eating real beef. [shop]

juicy & meaty

No Pulled Pork

We like it as a sloppy sandwich. But there are endless options to enjoy it. [shop]

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Service for restaurants

We help you to welcome Vegans!
Offer a meat alternative

The easiest way to welcome vegans & vegetarians to your restaurant.
Offer to replace the meet in some of your dishes with NoButcher meat.

Vegan dishes on your menu

You like to add additional menu items that are vegan? We are happy to help! Let us give you some recommendations for vegan dishes that are delicious and work for your guests.

Host a vegan popup event

The easiest way to introduce yourself to your new guests: We organize a NoButcher event at your restaurant. Our community loves to explore new vegan-friendly places!

Promote your restaurant

Be part of our vegan-friendly restaurant guide. We are happy to list and recommend your place online (coming soon!).

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