While we’re temporarily closing the deli due to the virus, we do so with hearts full of gratitude to our fantastic customers. We have loved the opportunity to serve our amazing vegan (and veg-curious) guests. You have been so supportive, and we cannot thank you enough.
But despite your overwhelming loyalty and support, we ultimately made the agonizing decision that it is the right thing to close NoButcher at this time. We were evaluating different options to be able to continue serving this wonderful community and considered introducing a complete contact-less pickup, accepting only prepaid orders. But avoiding interactions with our guests is just one part of the puzzle. We also had to consider the safety of our employees. Coming to work on a daily basis would mean nobody could fully self-isolate. There is no social distancing when working together in a small kitchen. And as you have all experienced at the grocery stores, some products are virtually impossible to find. Constantly hunting for ingredients in multiple supermarkets would have increasingly jeopardized the safety of our entire team. The fact that the last days, while only operating our drive thru, were among some of our busiest, made this an even more difficult decision to make. But we trust that you will understand our motivation is to ensure that when this crisis is over, we will be back to serve the vegan community (and beyond) with a healthy staff ready to cook great food. And during the shutdown, rest assured that there will be lots of creative, experimental cooking so you can be prepared for new and interesting weekly specials!
Thank you, stay safe and be healthy!

Vegan meat & Cheese

100% plant-based
No cholesterol
No hormones
No preservatives
No artificial flavors
Not highly processed
Lower in fat


Vegan Restaurant in Las Vegas

Plant-based Deli & Eatery

NoButcher is a unique Vegan Restaurant in Las Vegas. The Deli & Eatery serves plant-based sandwiches with home made vegan meat and cheeses, sides and salads. Most popular are the Pulled NoPork Sandwich and the Aloha NoRib Sandwich. Gluten-free options are available.

Vegans and plant-based eaters can enjoy the home made delicatessen, some of them change daily. All items are made from scratch without any animal products.

Located in Las Vegas 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip

The restaurant is a 10 UBER ride west of the Las Vegas Strip. Plenty of parking is available. The drive thru will open soon.