Sous Chef (Team Member BOH), part-time or full-time


Your Responsibilities

  • Operate commercial kitchen equipment including stove, convection oven, slicer, and mixer, etc.
  • Master detailed recipes and verbal instructions to produce consistent results
  • Cook meats properly according to recipe guidelines
  • Anticipate needs in FOH and have meats cooked & ready to restock as depleted during high volume times
  • Work closely with FOH to manage production and waste carefully
  • Follow SNHD guidelines for food temperatures and safety, handwashing, and dish washing
  • Perform basic math skills (fractions, decimals, weights, and measures) and use a digital scale
  • Perform duties in other areas including cleaning floors, bathroom, dishes, mats, etc. as needed

Your Skills

  • Work independently, and communicate and work well with others
  • Have excellent work ethics
  • Take ownership and pride in your work
  • Have transportation to and from work
  • Can lift up to 50lb
  • Can stand and cook for long periods
  • Have a current Health Card
  • Speak, read, and write in English



How to apply

Please send your resume to:
(If you don’t have a resume, please fill out the application and send it to:

We’re looking forward to meeting you!